Saturday, March 21, 2009

Astrology and the Western World

Western world is waking up to the concept of using Astrology to improve their lives. It is perceived to be more materialistic than the Eastern world. People in the advanced economies of the world give more importance to the tangible things in life rather than the intangible ones. Eastern countries like India and China, on the other hand, give more importance to intangible things in life like love, affection, emotions etc. This difference is clearly evident if we see the lifestyle of a Western or an Eastern person. For example, for an average Indian, life is not imaginable without the concept of God. The Western countries, on the other hand, are full of Atheists and Agnostics. The Western mind has always been inquisitive and believes only on exact sciences. For them, a theory is not acceptable unless proved by scientific experiments. Well, that is quite normal. But still there are a few things which cannot be proved by scientific experiments.
There is a point after which science has to give way, and the concept of God takes over. In spite of advancements in science, the scientists still are not able to give life to a person who is dead. They also cannot explain a simple thing like electricity. There are many mysteries for which there are no scientific explanations available. But they do exist. So, it is not entirely possible to always rely on science. Therefore, issues on divine intervention cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, the eastern philosophy relies too much on the esoteric phenomena. This creates a clash with the western phenomenon. There has to be a combination of the eastern and western philosophies so that a proper balance is maintained. The good news is that we are at a time when Eastern world is beginning to accept the western philosophy and vice versa. Eastern world is trying to have a more materialistic viewpoint on life and the western world is beginning to open up to the possibility of using once esoteric phenomena such as Yoga and Meditation.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

fact In Astrology

Astrology is almost certainly the oldest and most widespread of all pseudosciences. Its origins can be traced back to the first half of the Hammurabi dynasty in Babylonia about 3,500 years ago.

In its modern form astrology asserts that the positions of the solar planets at the time an individual is born are somehow correlated with his or her personality, activities, preferences, and even major life events (accidents, marriages, divorces, etc.). There is no general agreement among astrologers as to how or why this can be. Nor is there agreement as to precisely which planetary positions lead to which specific traits or experiences. It is almost certain that no two astrologers will "cast" an individual's horoscope with precisely the same result. The predictions that do result are often so vague that verification is impossible, anyway.

Astrology is best understood by learning how it began. Like most urban, agricultural peoples, the Babylonians had a pantheon of many gods. They also had a well- developed science of observational astronomy, which served the highly utilitarian purpose of providing a calendar, times to plant and to harvest, times of religious festivals, etc. In this observational scheme each planet was important, and the priests whose task it was to make the observations named the planets for the gods in their pantheon -- Marduk, Isthar, Nergal, etc. By about 1000 B.C. there was an extensive Babylonian literature of "planetary omens." Since Nergal (Mars) was the god of war, a summer in which Nergal shone down brightly from the sky was a good time to wage war (or a time in which risk of war was great). Since Ishtar (Venus) was the goddess of love, a spring night in which Ishtar shone high in the West after sunset was a good time to make love.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where The Astrology Begain

Astrology is a type of prophetic look into the future using the solar system and bodies in the sky. There are various types out there and by far most of the astrology that you’ll find done is anything but real. Yet, true astrology is very perplexing because it can be very real. The celestial bodies can do many things like provide you with the ability to understand, to organize the knowledge, and to interpret the world around you. Often, it is said that the location of various bodies means something.

Traditionally, astrology is based on the relative positions and the movements of the celestial bodies (both real and non existent.) One of the main things that astrology claims to provide is an understanding of personality traits. It is believed that the positions of the celestial bodies in the sky influences many things such as your personality traits, your physical characteristics and even important things that will happen within your life. Some astrologers believe that each person has a predestined life and that that life can be reflected and told from the sky above.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Astro Socks

Astro Socks is a wonderful little juvenile action adventure fiction with a little space and astronomy thrown in. The lead character, Chris, is a young boy who wants to find a solution to socks continually falling off his infant sister. Chris shows us some of the creation process, how to take notes, the things to consider when creating a new product and reaching out to others for their expertise.

Author Leigh M. LeCreux shows how being smart and having unique interests is nothing to be ashamed of; it is something to celebrate. The young boy's journey through the invention process was very realistic. I thought the inclusion of frustration and feelings of inadequacy are realistic no matter what age one might be, but that perseverance will always win in the end.

The most appealing aspect about this book is the impressive and inspiring idea that a young person could invent a product that would be taken seriously by the corporate world. That reminds me of a guest on my radio show from the Green2Gold organization - Alan Tratner told me then about a young person who had invented a compostable golf tee that would prevent damage to the golf range and equipment but also would prevent injury and a horrible death for animals who mistake golf tees for food. This invention is now patented and like the main character of Astro Socks, this child will not likely have to worry about the cost of University in the future.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ayurveda And Hindu Astrology

Ayurveda and Hindu astrology are closely related aspects of Vedic science. Many astrologers in India have practiced Ayurveda and many vaidyas, Ayurvedic doctors, have been astrologers. Even when not trained in Ayurveda, astrologers still consider disease and its treatment. Even when not trained in astrology, Ayurvedic doctors refer to astrology and astrological treatment methods.

Vedic astrologer can determine the physical constitution and appearance of the individual from the birth chart. They can figure out basic health, longevity and disease tendencies. They can see which planets have the power to cause disease, what kinds of diseases are likely to occur, what parts of the body are likely to be affected, and when these problems are likely to occur.Medical astrology is one of the main branches of Hindu Astrology.

As it includes remedial measures for harmonizing planetary influences, it is perhaps the most practical branch as well. It includes the entire astrology of healing. Not only Hindu astrology helpful for ordinary disease conditions, it also has means of diagnosis and treatment for diseases that are not curable by usual medical methods.

Learn Astrology

There are several institutions and astrology gurus who teach Astrology online. Besides learning Astrology through self-effort by reading astrology books and magazines, you can contact one of the online teachers or institutions and learn astrology. You only need to log on to Internet and you will find numerous offers to teach you astrology online. These people send the astrology lessons online for their students to study. They also hold periodic tests and award the certificates on successful completion of the course. You do learn a lot by studying online.

It must, however, be noted that no amount of self-study or online learning can take the place of learning astrology from a guru. If your astrology teacher is also a psychic, which usually the master astrologers usually are, it would mean adding luster to pure gold. A psychic astrologer is a multidimensional personality. Besides making mundane mathematical -astrological calculations, he uses his psychic and spiritual powers to predict the future of his clients. In this way he confirms the correctness of his astrological predictions through his psychic abilities such as intuition and clairvoyance. In fact he uses his supernatural powers at every step while casting a horoscope or interpreting the movements and positions of the planets or the houses through which they pass.

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By: Claire Schaper